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December 9, 2000.

What Are Words For?

A Special Event

On Saturday, December 9th, Cafe Web was the scene of crime known as "What Are Words For?" Host Mary Panza introduced spoken word works from a variety of artists, most of whom are better known for their non-literary works. Good people. Good poetry. Good times.

crowd 10K jpg

Cafe Web.

host mary panza 10K jpg

Host Mary Panza gets the party started.

jason martin 10K jpg

Jason Martin teleports to the event via tape recorder.

a.c. everson 10K jpg

A.C. "Breaking My Art" Everson dazzles even without the pinata.

marcus anderson 10K jpg

Marcus Anderson quietly rocks.

troy pohl10K jpg

By the way - Troy Pohl's weapons of distress have fired.

mother judge 10K jpg

The good MotherJudge speaks of Hiawatha and hanging chads.

crowd 10K jpg

Cool cats in the house.

amy abdou 10K jpg

Amy Abdou dissects her past.

bryan thomas 10K jpg

Bryan Thomas riffs on rainbows, water words, and dead poets.

norman kee 10K jpg

Norman Kee wasn't always a performance artist.

mary panza 10K jpg

Our fearless leader for the evening, Mary Panza, is definitely not cool.

host mary panza 10K jpg

Much props to everyone in the house for your support. | underground arts | albany, new york