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Why Can't I Be You, Too?

What were you for Halloween in 2003? Hidden City artists partied at the Larkin and came as each other, covering the songs of their fellow Capital Region singer-songwriters all night long, in a sequel to the Why Can't I Be You show from 2001. Here's how it went down: a happy Halloween, indeed.

mitch elrod crowd

MICHAEL ECK became Bridget Ball and Rosanne Raneri.

michael eck michael eck

BRYAN THOMAS (right) became Matt Loiacono and Super 400. (Pictured below with NYC singer-songwriters Julia Brown and Earl Patrick).

julia earl bryan

KATIE HAVERLY became knotworking and Princess Mabel.

katie haverly katie haverly

JOHN BRODEUR became Steve Candlen.

john brodeur john brodeur

RICH BALDES became John Brodeur and John Powhida.

rich baldes rich baldes

CARL SMITH became Subduing Mara.

carl smith carl smith

STEVE CANDLEN became Brian Bassett and Mitch Elrod with the help of Tom Burre. SEE ALSO: VIDEO [5MB avi]

steve candlin steve candlin steve candlin

STEVIE WANDER became the Orange.

stevie wander stevie wander stevie wander

LAURA BOGGS became Paddy Kilrain.

laura boggs laura boggs laura boggs

PADDY KILRAIN thusly became Laura Boggs.

paddy kilrain paddy kilrain angels paddy and laura

TOM BURRE became Mitch Elrod.

tom burre tom burre mitch elrod

KNOTWORKING became the Kamikaze Hearts and Small Axe.

caroline introduces knotworking knotworking knotworking

ALBIE became Mother Judge and Mitch Elrod.

albie crowd albie

ROSANNE RANERI became Michael Eck.

rosanne raneri rosanne raneri

MOTHER JUDGE became the Orange.

mother judge mother judge

JASON MARTIN became Frank Budgen.

caroline introduces jason jason martin jason martin jason martin

BRIAN BASSETT became John Brodeur and the Wait.

brian bassett brian bassett

MITCH ELROD recovered nicely from so many other Mitch Elrods by becoming knotworking.

mitch elrod mitch elrod

THE SIFTERS had the mad footwear.

the sifters the sifters the sifters the sifters

AFTERWARDS, everyone became the sidewalk.


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PSST: Here's how it happened in 2001.




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Lark Street Book Shop Songwriters. Albany.
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FALL 2003

Why Can't I Be You, Too? Albany.
Miss Mary's at RPI's C+CC. Troy.
Loiacono and Gordon. Saratoga Springs.
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John Powhida. Albany.

FALL 2002

O.i.N.k. Albany.
Discard Avant Garb. Albany.
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