Fall 2002

No Big Deal

by Jason Martin

In April 1986, Brown Cuts Neighbors released their 4th album "No Big Deal". Actually it was a cassette, in an edition of one, with a hand drawn cover. Can't find that darn cover at the moment... Selections below are off that "album." Cut me some slack though, I was twelve. Actually I just played this for some friends and I think they liked it better than my new stuff. They may be right. Hmmmm. It's hard for me to say...

  1. You Are Address [MP3 file is 3.9 MB]
    Despite what's said in the lyrics, I did not take drugs. I still thought people sniffed pot.
  2. 9-15 [MP3 file is 1.2 MB]
    Solo acoustic guitar/vocal improvisation.
  3. Kazoo [MP3 file is 2.8 MB]
    Excerpt from way-too-long piece. This section, though, seemed cool.
  4. Stay Up Late [MP3 file is 3.6 MB]
    A Talking Heads cover. I think it was from that album with the Rev. Finster painting. My folks had the LP. A friend suggested using this song for a video about glue sniffing. I think it's punk in a couple parts.

Overdubs were made by recording on one tape deck, then playing back on another deck while recording on a second deck. Distortion and other fuzzy effects could be achieved by messing with volume and tone. A widely used method. Downright magic when you're a kid.

My bedroom studio back in April 1986...

Keyboard/preset drums:

  • Casiotone ct100


  • Roland Spirit Bass 15 amp
  • mono Radio Shack cassette deck on PA setting with external microphone and burned out motor
  • the Sony boom box mentioned below (in record or record/pause mode, it made a great amplifier - still have it too)


  • Cort/Tesco/Ventura guitars
  • Hondo bass


  • Cardboard boxes
  • assorted percussion and toys


  • granpa's scanner, cb radio, walkie talkies


  • some Sony microphone from Lechmere's
  • a handful of Radio Shack mics, various eras

Tape decks:

  • Sony boom box with microphone inputs and 3-band eq.
  • Sears home stereo, microphone inputs, combined radio/cassette deck/ turntable
  • microcassette recorder
JASON MARTIN is still 12 years old, in the best possible way.