Fall 2002

Jesus on the Scene

by A.C. "Breaking My Art" Everson.
Voice of Mother Mary courtesy Motherjudge.

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I'm at the last rest stop on 40 before I get to Memphis.

I'm gettin' myself organized before the next part of my adventure.

Wanted to jot down a few things before I forget them.

So far I've had my first two breakfasts on the road at the same Waffle House.

Lunch yesterday was at the South Street Something at the end of Chet Atkins Place on 20th Street.

Good soup.

Sausage and pepper.


Dinner last night was at the Cracker Barrel.

Across from the Waffle House.

Across from the red Lincoln Inn sign marking the spot where I was standing.

I also wanted to write about the crosses I keep seeing on the side of the road. Some bearing wreaths.

The thought I have when seeing one group of three on 81.

In Pennsylvania.

In the rain.

In my mind, I saw them reflecting on the road.

This morning, listening to a gospel radio station broadcastin'...

I envision another cross with the words "Jesus on the scene" being sung to me.

Coming from the radio.

"Jesus on the scene."

"Jesus on the scene."

motherjudge and ac everson
AC Everson is back from that adventure. And on to the next one.