Fall 2000.

I Dance

by Justyn Thomas.

In memory of Amadou Diallo.

i dance by thunder's vibe
unnatural fire flies
dancing in my eyes
as my spirit joins me
-- by my side

i hear the pound of offbeat drums
the heat of an unnatural sun
runs thru me
and i dance -- thunder chants
and clouds of smoke become ghosts
echoing these past dance steps
i dance 2 the west
in the direction of sun-goes-down
past spirits resurrected from the ground

past sounds echoed in the present
our gift, time shifts permanently
4ever will it b, 2 speak
as i dance
-- with those who just walk the beat
who seek me out 4 their dance partner
their tears, their armor
but they rain on me
shower on me
cold weather
without warning of 'freeze'
but the rain has me in a trance
i dance

my arms and legs wild
i waltz and tap with my feet
my fate in synch with the beat
i dance 2 their tune
only becuz i look like me
physically prepared 2 dance
-- on their command
and my image, shattered
lingers in the sands of time
and crime iz defined by the sign
-- that tells me i don't belong here

here where the anchors dropped
the middle passage stopped
and the mentality
of history's longevity docked
the cargo locked in chains

here i remain
stained with thoughts
caught uptempo
every rhythm on the repeat
i rotate 360 degrees
but that's okay
cuz bruthaz and sistaz
-- r always talkin' 'bout revolution
and here we r
revolving back 2 the start
the foundation on which this nation lies
at least my revolution was televised

i b poor man
peddling truth
dancing 2 loops
-- of liars
lyres playing songs
of premature
cackling fires
that substitute 4 the sun
leaving mother and father empty
but do not worry
my dance has made me holy
19 times

and the beat rushes thru my veins
my eyes rolling back 2 the past
and i see things haven't changed
i died back then
just the same
under different names
different laws,
different rights,
my name was once christ

crucified by bloodtype
my type of blood
runs 2 remind u
that time rewinds u
binds u 2 the ways
of their laws
on this stole-land
and so i dance on the 1
black history made this month

dancing 2 41 claps
but i only catch 19 beats
on these streets
ruled by martial law walkers
new york/texas rangers
crossing ash bridges
dancing with me
4 me 2 b touched by an angel
and if u missed the ball
u can read all about it
-- in the early edition

my rendition
of the repitition
of history's dance
we have been van damned
kicked around
pound 4 pound
sold 4 soul
i roll with their thunder
and i wonder why these hunters
have gathered me 2 their ceremony

and only bruthaz and sistaz
and cousins have thought about it
that a loaded wallet in the handz
-- of a black man iz dangerous anyway

and, so i dance
2 masturbating hearts
their thoughts ejaculating fog
and that iz how they got off
and my spirit stands still
and still i stand in the past
asking as i extend my hand,
"may i have this dance?"

JUSTYN THOMAS is talkin 'bout a revolution.