Spring 2001.

My Dream of Tom's Dream

by Mitch Elrod

From: tburre
To: melrod
Subject: my dream

I was on a trip with this couple (guy and gal) and a goose. We rode in a soap box car type of device and the goose was like the engine or the power of the vehicle. There were interstate ramps leading out into the country and there was a forecast of rain ahead, but that didn't bother me. It kind of felt like a damp cool summer day. We were all resting at this cottage before moving on with the trip. Having the goose there was puzzling to me. Whatever the journey was I knew it well from doing it several times before. However there was something big, maybe even final about this one.}

Can you offer any "dream of my dream" on this? I have a couple good aha's on some stuff but I want to see something more. The goose is freaking me out. I'm stuck on it.

Beaned out, T.C.B.

From: melrod
To: tburre
Subject: my dream of your dream

Hey hey, Burremain,

Shit, these last few days have been remarkable and intense, eh?

Finally, I have a moment to reflect on your dream:

In my dream of your dream, I'm on a trip. The trip of my trip. Trip is such a loaded word. Loaded with which to shoot geese. I'm on a trip with a couple and a goose. What a great phrase, "A couple and a goose." Is the "goose" for the couple? Evidently, it is, because we ride in a soap box car type of device, and the goose is like the "engine" or the "power" of the vehicle. Wow!

The goose is from nature. The wild. The flying wild. Wild order in the shape of a V as they fly.

[An aside about other aspects of probable synchronicities: Shit, dude, some even more personalized dreaming of your dream has me thinking about a title I came up with a few years ago, Drive The V-hickle Inside. That title comes from a dream I had a few years ago. In that dream, my great friend, Pope (who lives in Georgia) and I are in a pickup truck. He's driving. He drives us into a house.

That's the basic dream. There might be another detail or two, but that's, to me, the essence.

So, Drive the V-hickle Inside.

Which became the working title of a music project he and I are working on.

I think Drive The V-hickle Inside is my somewhat comical way of saying Terrence Mckenna's idea of "exteriorizing the soul and interiorizing the body." Or other similar kinds of ideas having to do with expanded awareness, etc.

Anyway, more on all that...]

Is the goose that wild, flying, honking energy that we musicians, artists, poets, actors love so much? Must be.

To "goose" a guitar string. Ah, yes, and riding a soapbox car.


Soap Opera Box.

"A soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the national trust." John Lennon.

Is this whole "couple" thing a Soap Opera? Fuckin' A.

And we have box seats. Great for viewing. Hell, we love to watch. I dig her "box" "seat."

Shit, isn't that what every man says? Gotta have that pussy? But, to get it and other goodies, we engage in the soap opera. My own. Her's. The world's.

And, the power hick honk "engine" is the wild (man) flying goose. Silly as a goose. Deadly Silly.

There are "interstate" "ramps" leading us "out" "into the country" and there is a "forecast" of rain ahead. It doesn't bother me, because I'm accepting of these "storms." I tune into the various "inter-states." Different states of consciousness. There are off-ramps and on-ramps. And, as Seth says, "They will lead you automatically" into the country and into the elements (Tom, I'm reminded of that story you told me once about your solitary visit to that wooded area of few years ago. I can see a goose there. Flying over head.).

We even get to rest at a lovely cottage before "moving on" "with the trip." Even though, "There's no rest for the weary."

Having the goose here is "puzzling" to me. Puzzling, I guess, because I try to comprehend the wild one with logic. Bonk! Sometimes the wild is just wild. So, I scratch my head, "Whatthefuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And, the "journey?" By god, I know it well. I've done it before. Maybe in several lifetimes.

But, in this life, I replay themes. Shit I don't understand. I replay it until I do have some better understanding or maybe the lifejourney replays it for me, because I'm such a good and beloved actor. Trying to make something meaningful of my journey and needing to "play" to similar situations over and over. Because it's fun. Because I don't trust that I could have gotten it right the first time.

Because I have memory and undisciplined imagination.

And, there's something BIG here. Maybe even "final." You got that right, dude. We will all die. And it's a BIG thing, eh?

Tom, what a wonderful dream, you sombitch.

Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

I'd like to share it with my buddy Pope with your permission, of course.

Maybe I'll choose a dream of mine, and send it your way. I'd love to get your take on a dream of mine some time.

Peas, fried chicken, and cooked goose,

MITCH ELROD dreams of you, too.