Spring 2001.

Nun in a Snow Globe

by Mary Panza

Every time I think about a cigarette I think about your face
I think about how I admired and looked up to you
I think about how you told me if I used anything but an old beat up typewriter
I was a sell out
I think of the time you were happy for me when I did well and then
Didn't speak to me for months
The whole time, I was wondering what I did to annoy you and disturb the fair queen
of the barstool
And then I don't light up.

Every time I think about not flossing my teeth I think about yours
The complete and utter shit breath words that came out when I had an opinion or a
Man that you wish you had first
And then I brush, floss, gargle, and breath in. The air is much fresher over here.

Every time I think of you I remember the smartest thing you said
"People make choices, you can hate the choice, try not to hate the person."
Every time I think of you, I try not to hate the person.

MARY PANZA is not a nun.