Summer 2001.

Child Speak

by Justyn Thomas

if u could speak back
2 every word u read
u would understand
how we as warriors
were conceived

not from a maiden's womb
but from her smile
2 the way her 3rd eye blinks
u see,
we were not brought in2 this world
by the way u think

DNA description
swirling thru
paper womb
going thru menstruation
no question of exclamation
no abortion thru period
no jail sentence
we run on
speaking 1,2,3,4
wordz -- march

february -- march in2 spring

as we r spoken in2 spring water
key note, C-Sons and Daughters
4 we r the wordz of life u read
populate spiritual speech
with syllabic-seeds
free u from writer's cellblock


this iz how
and why
we were conceived
so that u may change like leaves

we r the proper annunciation
4 communication
13 cycles of ancestry
iz our period 4 gestation
father pen
and mother paper
gave birth 2 our imagine-nation
entire black population
we defend in an army that iz ancient

black woman, day soldiers
with black man, knights
-- that r long
we as warriors were spawned
thru the scribing of scriptures
and the reciting of psalms
our heart/beat syllables and songs
our description held in our parents' palms
and thrown in2 the dawn
a new age of Black drawn

as soular clouds 4med our names
letting these royal morning sons reign
and daughters drip
against their mothers' lips
inheriting their spiritual and physical image
and running away with it

blowing in the wind of trend setters
iz how we became our ancestors
the kahm heirs 2 the weather
we needed no feathers
2 fly upon hour wings
levitating minutes
we made time fly
quietly speaking invisible battle cries
against their lies
and ghosts
those who re-wrote our story
and used it as a rope
2 choke those whose spirits we invoke

ancestors hang, gently
swinging on 10 branches
of the ancestree
our spirituality

miss-edu caged,
i was barred from the truth
blinded by someone elses view
buried under me
my own story
dated by carbon -- copy
the ancient wordz that make up my body

but i no longer see an illusion
as i see thru real-eyez

i realize
i am my ancestors of old
dressed in armor that iz new
golden-brown hue

and so iz my quest
2 connect me-2-me
and eye-2-u

JUSTYN THOMAS quietly speaks invisible battle cries.