Fall 2001.

My Not So Mid-Life Crisis On The Planet

by A.C. Everson

I took a ride, that was 38,000 miles long
I saw many sights, and took more than a few turns that were wrong
I called it, my not so mid-life crisis on the planet
It took 38 years to get there, and happened almost as I planned it
First I picked up a ticket for a show
Got another on the way there, and started to try to drive slow
Key West, Miami, Port Charlotte to visit a friend
New Orleans, Austin, heading west then
Santa Monica, Ventura, Santa Cruz and Bonnie Doone
West Coast beaches, I hope to get back to soon
San Francisco, Todd's birthday, two nights by the Golden Gate
City Lights, lower Folsom, and up on the Haight
I visited Ruth in Winlock, the home of the world's largest egg
Seattle, then east bound where I stayed
In Cheeney with Jeff and Crystal, along with Crystal to Toppinish
More snow covered mountain passes, white knuckled with a wish
Las Vegas for Valentines, weddings, slots and I started to smoke
Back again so slow, wondering what broke
North Myrtle Beach Sno-core, where I had a ball
Thanking God for dark bars and that wasn't all
In Amsterdam, my first afternoon in Europe was spent
A night train ticket to Berlin was purchased, to make sure I went
Elvis on the Unter Linden, the Bradenburg Gate covered in cloth
Tiergarten, Check Point Charlie, a Romanian fortune
bought Prague the beautiful city where I had the Hostel blues
Budapest with Kate, along with Vienna too
Venice, Florence and Rome, looking at art
Hearing histories that tore at my heart
Nice with Kate again, for little more than a day
There I became addicted to the best crème brule
Barcelona with Miro and Gaudi, Madrid with Goya and Picassos, OLE
Paris, the Louvre, Rodin Pierre Lechaise and D'Orsay
Brussels, Antwerp, back to Amsterdam, Melkweg and cafes
Back to the states again, soon on my way
Asheville, home, as soon as I have the rent
Biloxi, the beach where I wrote Litter Lament
New Orleans Jazz Fest, the girls rocked the town
Dancing and feasting, abundance all around
Back again for a month of rest and the Vibes
Then the last trek west, and my longest drive
Idaho Springs, on 4th of July, Steamboat was hot
Outside Denver, in Boulder, and a show at Red Rocks
East for a weekend with Pops and Kate
Orleans, Welfleet, Truro P-town, beaches on the cape
Lastly I learned another lesson in Asheville
Next time I'm there, I'll be more successful
And that my friends is it in a nutshell

A.C. EVERSON is "Breaking My Art."