Summer 2002

Three Poems

by Dan Wilcox

Summer is Ended

Jerry Garcia dies with a smile
not like Janis or Kurt Cobain
his heart just gives out
like a CEO at the pool

and the rot of cancer
gets Sterling Morrison
among his pictures and books
into a velvet silence.

The music just plays on
loudly, but it barely drowns out
the soft click of the latch of time.

* * *

Shaker Hymn

No carpets
No rugs
No pictures on the walls
No cushions
No sofas
No curlicues or carvings

No smoking
No books, except Bibles
No radios
No rock'n'roll
No music, except hymns

No games
No drugs
No sex
No children
No one left anymore.

* * *

I'm Tired of Waiting

waiting for you all of my life

waiting for you to move in -- & long before that, just waiting to meet you one sunny day

waiting for you to come home from work

waiting while the dinner cools & waits

waiting for you to feel better, to wake up, to smile at me, to make love

waiting for the babies to be born, to fall asleep, to learn to say "Daddy", "Mommy", waiting for school to begin

waiting for you to come home from the store, from your mother's

waiting for the car to pull into the driveway

waiting while the sheets cool and turn empty and sad

waiting for you to make up your mind

I'm tired of waiting for you to come back.

DAN WILCOX is one of the Three Guys from Albany. Every Albany.