Winter 2003

Albie Dreams

by Albie

I write these things down minutes after waking up, so as not to fuck up my accounts by thinking about them too much. Please forgive bad grammar and nonsensical images. Send all accolades, insults, recipes and hate mail to Enjoy!


Dreamt that I was asleep upstairs in the crow's nest. Dreamt that I was awakened by a large crowd of people outside in the back lot, clamoring not unlike a lynch mob, calling up to me that it didn't matter how long I hid upstairs; they knew where I was at and would always be down there waiting on me.

When I woke up from that one, I was in a serious terror grip, to the degree that it took me an hour or so to fall out again.


I am at a house or farm of some kind. Animals and people everywhere. Is a party going on? I am wandering across a yard, and as I round the corner of a building, I am suddenly faced with a gibbon.

Suddenly, all the livestock is loose. Apparently the farm raises rabbits, dogs and gibbons-it is my charge to see to it that they all stay in their right pens. I wake while chasing the animals across a wide, green lawn.


(after open mic gig, where I passed out cds to Molly, Helen, and Anine)

No real specifics - just a brief dream-memory of being with Molly somewhere, or of seeing her face somehow. I must be out of my fucking mind. Must be.


(boozy dream after night of carousing)

Am playing onstage, with Candlen and Mitchy, I believe. Can't tell if I am playing bass or guitar or drums or what, but it suddenly occurs to me that I no longer have any knowledge of how to operate any musical instrument-as soon as I have this thought, my visual perception changes and all of a sudden all my vision was BENDING, enfolding in shutter clicks like the time over last summer when I ate too many mushrooms, and I knew I'd finally done it - that is to say cracked my brain by partying too hard, to the point that I could no longer play music.

I woke up horrified from this one and stayed awake for about two hours.


(after Stephanie's Party)

Faces, of all these different women that I've been recently acquainted with in various capacities - Molly, Jen, Liz, Erin, Caroline, Helen O'Troy, Miss Becki, et al - hovering over my bed while I am sleeping. Like they were protecting me.


Am working, cleaning a building of some kind. I am a supervisor. My work force is composed entirely of lobsters. Strangely, these lobsters, though alive, are red as though they've been cooked. They appear to be good workers. However, I see one go by clutching a huge, bright yellow basketball in its front claws. For some reason, I want this basketball very much and try to take it from the 'head lobster'. He keeps running away from me, though, making me angry. I wake while chasing it around a board room.

ALBIE often dreams of you, too.