Winter 2003

Sixteen Speaks to Thirty-Four

by Mary Panza

Sixteen Speaks to Thirty-Four

Were we important
Did it mean anything
To anyone but us
Did we see the world
And leave our mark
Do we get the boy in the end
Is he British, and skinny
Do we wear black all the time
And live in a very cool place
A London flat or a Soho loft
Are we the envy of the cheerleaders
Are we thin and pretty
Do we show everyone who ever said we were crazy
Just how crazy we were and get even with the world

Thirty-Four Speaks to Sixteen

We are not important on a global scale
But there are a few good people who count on us
I don't know if it is supposed to mean anything to anyone
But us I know that it has had meaning to at least us
We did see the world
A couple of times and we will see it again only with a better sense of History
As for leaving a mark, maybe a blemish
But it ain't over yet
Sometimes we got the boy, Sometimes the boy got to us
Some had funny accents or habits or haircuts or habits
But we got over them painfully and went about out business
We wore black all the time because alas skinny was never in the cards for us

I don't know if the cheerleaders envy us
They are too busy raising their families or managing their lives
To fight old fights
We all had our shit to deal with
And some of them are nice people
Our apartment is nice and we even have a dog
We get mail and bills and have a nice car
And a pretty good job that we are happy doing
And yes
We showed all those people that thought we were crazy
Just how crazy people get things done

MARY PANZA gets things done.