Spring 2001.

Manhattan Takes Us

by Amy Abdou

Manhattan skyline. 9K jpg.

January is a cold dismal month and we decided to take a week off and have fun in New York, New York, the city that never sleeps. After a week in the Big Apple, Troy and I needed a nap.

New York is a red town, hot, fiery, alive.


A cartoon rendition of NYC seems redundant. New York is a character in its own one man show.


Times Square is a monologue;


An absolute feast of color, eye candy for the most jaded tourist.


Bats in the Belfry, Armani on Fifth Ave., fuck art, let's make commerce.


Red Troy, Green Troy, Orange Troy, Blue.


Our hotel room was so small, I put my hair up to conserve space.


Troy needed a few drinks before we encountered any more New Yorkers.


abdou in new york city

Many people believe New York is the center of the universe. It certainly is a condensed America.

abdou in new york city

The Universe conspires to provide.

We rode the Ferry around the Statue of Liberty and Riker's Island; interesting juxtaposition.

Our good friend Johnny Miles, imbibing in the fruit of the grape in lil' Italy. It rained, it snowed, we were immune.


Church of Disney.


AMY ABDOU is not from Manhattan.