Summer 2002


by Sarah Paul and Matt Loiacono

SEE "UNTITLED" Video requires Real Player.

The Eighth Step's "Songs from a Fishbowl" series brings together a group of songwriters and pairs them up at random with just an hour before showtime to collaborate and rehearse for a short set.

This video of Sarah Paul (Jump Cannon) and Matt Loiacono (Kamikaze Hearts) documents the song they came up with the night of the "Songs from a Fishbowl" show in February 2002.

Pictures of more performances from that evening - and links to the performers' web sites - are below.

Kilrain and Ayers. 14K jpg.

Paddy Kilrain and Sara Ayers

Paul and Loiacono. 14K jpg.

Sarah Paul and Matt Loiacono

Delacruz and Donkin. 14K jpg.

Valerie DeLaCruz and Roy Donkin

Warren, Cavanaugh and Clown. 14K jpg.

Bob Warren, Deb Cavanaugh and Bryan Thomas

Monteith and Pohl. 14K jpg.

Dana Monteith and Troy Pohl

Raneri and Eck. 14K jpg.

Rosanne Raneri and Michael Eck

SARAH PAUL and MATT LOIACONO are untitled.