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Fall 2002


A preview of the new short film by Jason Thomas

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Jason Thomas, Christine Woo, Justyn Thomas, and John Pinto star in this comedy short about a young man who wants to be famous. And by chance, by fate, in a bizarre accident he finds out his wish may come true due to a strange new power - the ability to eat really fast! Watch Jimmy try to break the world record for eating the most hot dogs in 5 minutes to become "FAMOUS."

You can see photo stills from the film - a "live action cartoon" done in the old movie style - at

You can also hear the movie's theme song Famous, written by Bryan Thomas especially for the film. [MP3 audio file is 1.6MB].

Our Hero: Jimmy Jackson (Jason Thomas)

Jimmy Jackson and the Wife (Christine Woo)

Co-worker Bob (Justyn Thomas)

The Boss (John Pinto)

Hot Dog Boy (himself)

JASON THOMAS will soon be appearing in Times Square. In his underwear.